Monday, November 15th, 2010 at 11:52pm

Hundreds for Posey but Not One Vote for Natsiah

Posted by BW
Jeannette Rankin costing sole vote for Strassburg

Just one vote, for pity's sake.

If Jeannette Rankin were still around to vote for Rookie of the Year, she totally would have cast her lone ballot for Strasburg. But Washington’s most famous antiunanimitarian was not available, so the Natsiah got fewer votes for Rookie of the Year than league-average hitter Jose “Who?” Tabata. Though to be fair to Tabata, he plays for the Pirates, where a guy who can hit .299 in 100 games looks like Babe Ruth by comparison with the rest of the dugout. How else to explain how two replacement-level Pirates won RoY votes while His Strasness won none?

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